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Apr 27, 2012 Beauty Bits 0 Comments

Contrary to popular belief Americans love their Canadian neighbours to the North – well at least I do! And even though we share the same land mass, the Canadians have their own unique take on things which is why I love them and the blog I’m featuring today – Beauty Thesis!

Tamara is the lovely beauty babe behind this endlessly fascinating blog. She was born to wear green eyeshadow which is probably why I’m so mesmerised by her. She has far more makeup than I ever will so I live vicariously through her! She does reviews, tutorials, giveaways, hauls, and swatches (loads of swatches). She’s a little one stop shop for makeup mavens.

Tamara and Beauty Thesis represent what is so wonderful about beauty blogs. Even though I’m not a woman of colour, I get inspired by her different looks and can learn a lot from her tutorials. I love that beauty blogs break down barriers and let women (and men) of all different backgrounds and ages come together and share ideas.

You can see Tamara on her beauty blog and you tube channel.

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