Sammy's Lush love affair with I love Juicy


Jul 12, 2013 Hair & Nails 0 Comments

Since I spend so much of my time totally absorbed in beauty blogs and You tube videos I thought that I would have quite a few bases covered…not so.

My skin has been nothing sort of awful recently, I have been really embarrassed whenever I get too close to people but that is another post!

I also lost my way with my hair too. I ran out of my Lush I love Juicy shampoo and for some reason I decided to buy some Aussie Mega shampoo. I used to love this brand but I think that I have been spoiled with my grease busting army of Big and I love juicy. My hair became lank and dark and became greasy quickly within just a few days of using my supermarket friendly brand. As I have tried to stay out of shops to keep my purse from crying, I have put off repurchasing my beloved juicy shampoo, Until last week when I could take it no more!

Good enough to eat….

When I smell I L J it actually makes my mouth water! They describe the scent as citrus based but I think that they may be wrong, it’s more like a tropical fruit salad. The shampoo relies on the grease busting properties of Papaya, pineapple Kiwi and Mango to make light work of anything that is clinging to your hair. The natural enzymes and acids within these fruits gently but effectively make light work of any thing that you throw at them. The very first time that I tried this I thought that nothing this natural could clarify my hair as well as the harsh chemical filled ‘salon’ brands…I was so wrong! Hair is left feeling so clean, fresh and bouncy and the fine salt that is in the shampoo gives volume.

When you price the shampoo up it looks on the pricier side, but because of the minuscule about you actually need I bet this could be one of the most economical around! It just goes to show that sometimes change is not good and it pays to stick with what you know. I really think that there is more to Lush than just bath bombs and over whelming scents, there are certainly some products that are game changers.

I am so glad that I brought this back in to my life and so is my hair!

Give it a go…You know you want to!


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