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Dec 19, 2013 Skincare 1 Comment

Beauty900 was kind enough to pass a little kit of Dermalogica on to me after I was whining to Annabella about my awful skin woes…I mean seriously who has acne at 30? Come on!! I was telling her how it looked like a small village had set up camp on my chin and I needed something quick before the villagers moved onto another part of my face…

Special Cleansing Gel/Bedtime for Breakouts/Welcome Matt Moisturiser/Microfoliant

I use the Special Cleansing Gel every other morning during good skin times and use my Be fine on the other days. On the days when my face is sore and covered in skin critters I use the Special Cleansing Gel every day as it’s nice and gentle but effective at getting the job done. A little bit goes a long way so even my 50ml tester bottle lasts a long while. I would buy it full size for the days where exfoliation is better left alone.

My ultimate favourite part of the kit was Bed Time for Breakouts, part of the Clean Start range. A night-time skin treatment gel that you apply in a thin layer that absorbs whilst you are dreaming of beaches, a model like bod and Gerrard Butler…what? Is that just me?!! Packed full of Salicylic acid which is a known enemy of face demons, the gel leaves your skin less red and sore after one night and 50% closer to normal after the second. Although I would love to say I woke up with no signs of a spot after 8 hours we all know that we don’t live in a perfect world so it will take some time.

The Welcome Matte Moisturiser was another thing that I tried. It offers oil control, a SPF of 15 and no artificial fragrances or colourings. It was a nice, inoffensive moisturiser…but that was it. Nothing special to be honest, oil still came through although I am probably oilier than some but I have to admit it wouldn’t be something I would add to a To Buy list because there are others out there that I have liked better.

I have also gave the Daily Microfoliant a try. This would be an amazing daily exfoliator for people out there who have über sensitive skin that they have been scared to exfoliate at all. It comes out of the little shaker as a fine, gritty powder that when added to wet hands turns into a paste. Massaged over the skin and rinsed it does the job in an effective but super gentle manner. I am a lot like Annabella in the sense that I like proper scrubby scrubs if that’s what I’m going for rather than a chemical exfoliator so this was just too gentle for me to get any pleasure from so I passed this on to my baby-faced husband.

There were a few other bits and bats in my care parcel but so far it’s the above contenders that I have been trailing as these were more skin needs appropriate recently. I know I shouldn’t really complain as being an oily skinned 30 year old is not the worst as it seems to keep me looking young and gets me carded when trying to get into a club ;-)

What products are in your skin emergency kit?

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