Annabella says: Molton Brown stop the sexist advertising - it cheapens the brand!


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Up until this point one of the highlights of my ‘career’ has been working for Molton Brown at their head office in London way back in 2000. I worked for the hotel division under the Warshaw Family who owned Molton Brown at the time. MB was acquired by the Japanese Kao Corporation in 2005 and they have been marking their stamp on the brand ever since. I get that brands need to evolve but I was really disappointed when I saw these images on the website for this upmarket lifestyle brand!

‘It’s time to bare all campaign’ featuring the Black Peppercorn and Pink Pepperpod ranges

Slider Number 1

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The first thing I notice is that Ms. Pink Pepper has already unbuttoned her top while on the sofa with Mr. Black Pepper. She clearly can’t resist his charms.

Slider Number 2

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Now we see the couple have moved to another room and with Ms. PP sans jacket however Mr. BP is still fully clothed….

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Lastly we find Ms. PP in what James has described as ‘hooker underwear’ with Mr. BP still fully clothed. So can we deduce from this campaign that Mr. Black Pepper has body issues and is clearly afraid to get undressed in front of Ms. Pink Pepper unless the lights are out?????

Even James was shocked that it was for Molton Brown and not Dolce & Gabbana or some other fashion shoot. He said it looks out of place and I assure you as a red-blooded male he enjoys looking at women in lingerie! But as he says it doesn’t fit with their image and cheapens the brand. I would rather have seen the couple in big fluffy bathrobes drawing a bath for each other, maybe with a shoulder exposed or a bit of leg. Less could be so much more…

I know MB isn’t aimed at children but can we just have one brand that doesn’t have to use nearly naked airbrushed female models? Molton Brown has proudly been around since 1973 – 40 years without having to go there. Why now?

 I guess every brand sells out in the end – what a shame!

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