Japonesque helps to tame the unibrow.....


Jun 26, 2012 Beauty Bits 2 Comments

No not mine! James my wonderful husband, would look like a Gallagher brother if I didn’t tackle his eyebrows every two weeks. Thankfully I was sent some Japonesque tools to try out when we were in the US as the brows ran rampant. I think the hot weather in Tennessee makes British eyebrows grow like weeds.

I received some the Artisan Tweezer in Cheetah Print and their Touch Up Razor Set. The Touch up Razor Set comes with two razors and with protective covers, one of which has a brush and comb on the end of it. So without further embarrassment let’s look at James’ brows!

Before Japonesque

As you can see it’s not just the hairs in the middle that grow, it’s the main part of the eyebrow too. They stuck straight out and make him look like a Schnauzer!

 After Japonesque

Woah who’s that handsome gentleman? As you can see this version looks much better. I’m sure I could have gotten a few more hairs but J started to get fidgety so I let him go. I also think he was a bit disconcerted that I was using Cheetah print tweezers……

The Touch Up Razor is a handy little tool for getting those eyebrow hairs that stick straight up instead of using scissors. However you do need to be careful not to take too much off or press to hard. One side of J’s face looks like he got into a fight with a cat.

Japonesque has recently been launched at HQhair and when you spend £10 on Japonesque products you get a free gift. The Artisan Tweezers retail for £16 and the Touch Up Razor for £7.50

Have you used any other Japonesque tools – what did you think?


  • Ayshe
    Jul 2, 2012 at 11:43 pm Reply

    Never used these but I do like the look of the razor. I assume they are protected somehow from you cutting yourself?

  • Annabella
    Jul 3, 2012 at 7:24 am Reply

    Well kind of, that white plastic stuff stops you from being able to hack anything off however it’s easy to go a bit nuts if you aren’t paying attention! :D

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