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The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art – Leonardo Da Vinci

Never a truer word has been spoken. Our feet hold us up and keep us firmly planted to the ground. But they are often ignored and abused with sky scraper heels and un-supportive £1 flip flops. I am guilty as charged of later, having spent my lifetime wearing flops I’m paying the price now. However it still doesn’t stop me from wearing them, I prefer to have next to nothing on my feet, so James will never have to worry me developing a shoe addiction!

I’ve gone past Feet First Chiropody a million times on the bus so they were the first place I thought of when decided to go. After the heat we’ve had I was so glad to hand my paws over to someone for some serious pampering. I spoke to the Chiropodist about my medical history and she was very familiar with my recently diagnosed lymphoedema which re-assured me. I put my tired puffy dogs into a bowl of soapy water to soak and then the big comfy chair swung around which went up and down on different levels. It’s like being at the dentist but for your feet!

After our conversation Kerrie got to work. I love have my feet scraped and de-skinned so I was fascinated by all the tools at her disposal. The best by far was what I can only describe as a small sanding disk, which looked like something you would use to polish furniture. It did tickle a little bit but Kerrie held my foot while she did it, mostly to ensure I wouldn’t donkey kick her in the face. She also trimmed my toenails and checked them for anything funky which thankfully there wasn’t anything to report on. Kerrie had a lovely pile of dead skin in her lap from the shaving and buffing, which she mentioned is always quite satisfying to see.

After my hooves were smoothed and buffed, Kerrie applied cream and gave my feet a mini-massage which was absolute heaven. You can tell Kerrie really enjoys her job and what a difference it can make to people. I told her when I win the lottery she will be part of my beauty entourage. As you can see in the photo below my dry flaky bits and calluses are gone!

Foot after chiropodist treatment


We also discussed ongoing foot care in which she confirmed that foot scrubs are basically useless (something I suspected all along). She said it’s best to use a foot file while your skin is dry and then get into the shower or bath – I’ve been doing all wrong! She also recommended foot creams that contained urea, which helps to break down or desquamate (another favourite word of mine) the outer most layer of skin. Flexitol and Eurcerin foot creams contain 10% urea, so you don’t need to buy anything expensive.

While I would love to visit Sarah every week, it’s recommended that you go every 3 months. However I can hand on heart say I won’t be waiting that long….


  • Jaci
    Aug 1, 2013 at 6:06 pm Reply

    I got a sample of flexitol in the mail…time to try it I guess :)

    1. Annabella SkinScrubs
      Aug 1, 2013 at 10:26 pm Reply

      Hey Jaci – I would have had the same reaction if I got some flexitol in the post too but now I know it can get rid of lizard feet. Let me know how you get on if you do end up using it! xoxo

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