Feral Youths - Why I won't be buying anti-ageing beauty products any time soon


Jun 13, 2010 Beauty Bits 2 Comments

Society has been obsessed with youth since time began. Now that we are living longer youthfulness has a longer life span. At age 23 in 14th century Britain you were nearly considered an elder. Now 23 means you get to faff around and ‘find yourself’ on a gap year until you get a real job.

When I was in my twenties I was obsessed with anti-ageing beauty products and cosmetics. I would try any wrinkle reducing cream or potion I could get my hands on. If Retinol, Tretinoin, or any other form Vitamin A was in the latest product I was there like a shot. Throughout my thirties my interest in ‘fighting the signs of ageing’ gradually became less of an obsession and more of a mild interest. I’m going to be 40 in August and I can say hand on heart that I’ve lost all interest in anti-ageing beauty products and here’s why.

There are so many on market now that there is no way to know what works and what doesn’t. The great thing about cosmetics is that there is a lot of choice out there and what works for me may not work for you and vice versa. However the high street cosmetic giants that you find in most Boots stores L’oreal, Olay, and Garnier etc. have a never ending parade of miracle products in magazines and TV ads. They are like the annoying teenagers stood on the street corner who aren’t really doing anything but are enough to twitch a few curtains. I know most cosmetic/beauty brands have anti-ageing ranges, but these offenders need a ‘you aren’t allowed to release a new youth range every five minutes’ anti-social behaviour order.

Olay is by far the worst offender. They used to only have a few products including their classic pink Beauty Fluid which my mum has used for years. But now they have four different types of anti-ageing ranges. Regenerist, Definity, Total Effects, and Anti-wrinkle. Regenerist, Definity and Total Effects have between them 10-15 products in their range. The Anti-wrinkle range has another four different ranges; Nature Fusion age 25+, Aqua Physics age 30+, Classic age 40+, and Provital age 55+. There are four different products in each of those ranges. I’ve lost count now of how many different items they do for anti-ageing alone. Is someone going to tell that all these products do something different? This doesn’t even include the two other lines they do Classic Care and Complete. They are also notorious for the ‘even better’ syndrome. Taking a moisturiser/serum/cleanser that has been around for a whilst giving it new packaging and saying it’s new and improved.

I don’t smoke, have never used sunbeds, and rarely drink alcohol. I’ve always taken good care of my skin and maybe one day I will start using the latest anti-ageing cream but it won’t be Olay and it won’t be before I turn 40. I already love the skin I’m in!


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